January 14, 2012
Favorite Campaigns of 2011

*I was recently asked what campaigns were my favorite of 2011. These are them.

Write the Future - Wieden + Kennedy

Amazing visuals. Amazing copywriting. 

If you were comatose during 2011, I strong suggest you watch the accompanying commercial here, as it could should be nominated for Best Picture. ENJY

Levi’s - Wieden + Kennedy

With classic literature in their commercials and strong, blue collar images in their print ads, the Levi’s “Ready to Work” campaign became an instant classic in my eyes.

The award winning tv spot can be seen here

Chrysler - Wieden + Kennedy

Copywriting brought it home for me here. Enough said.

Oh and they killed it by opening the campaign up during the Super Bowl and having Eminem represent his birth place, Detroit. The result. Chills. Watch here

K-Swiss - 72 and Sunny

You have to applaud 72 and Sunny for being really ballsy and taking a character from HBO’s “Eastbound and Down,” and making him the spokesperson for K-Swiss’s “micro tubes.” Do yourself a favour and watch the online video now. NSFW 

Puma - Droga5

This campaign captured what it is to be a twentysomething person in the city. Any campaign that does that well has my vote. Check out my the anthem here

Bing; Jay-Z - Droga5

This one is all about innovation and consumer interaction. This was a campaign that awarded the diehard fans. The ones that knew everything about Jay-Z. And it was generally awesome and creative in the ways the clues were presented. Top shelf. 

Luckily this comes with a complete case study.

And there you have it. Awesome year and cannot wait to see what 2012 brings. 

June 20, 2011


Bing – Decode Jay-Z Case Study


Amazing work by Droga5. The vastness of this project alone is so inspiring and how the scale of it went from something as small as burger wrappers to covering cars and lining pools.

I’ll admit I don’t use BING, unless I’m using their map system because the shots are way more sick than Google, but maybe I’ll give them a second look.

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